B Update and Another Jumping Lesson for Neon

B is 1 1/2 weeks into box rest and it seems to be a never ending round of skipping out, feeding etc!

On Friday he was fitted with a pair of Imprint glue on shoes. They are basically really thick plastic heart bar shoes which are very light, flex with the hoof and provide lots of support. The farrier trims the hoof, roughens it a bit and drills a few shallow holes in the wall to help the glue adhere. The shoe gets soaked in near boiling water for 2 minutes to soften it so it moulds to the hoof, then applied with glue and sprayed with liquid nitrogen to make it harden. It stretches part way up the hoof. The glue needs warm temperatures to cure so we had to use a hairdryer to set it.
Next Friday he is having a joint injection of Arthramid Vet – an unlicensed, fairly new treatment of  polyacrylamide hydrogel (PAAG) injection. PAAG was first used in breast implants apparently! It doesn’t break down and seems to work for 2 years or more.
There is some info on its use for arthritis here, if anyone is interested. http://universitetshospitalet.ku.dk/…/2…/hydrogel-injection/

I also splashed out on an Arc Equine which arrived on Friday and he’s had on twice. It’s all costing a fortune so I’m frantically hoping it’ll work!

I was quite depressed that he came out of his stable very stiff today, he seemed stiff behind too 😦  I understand the need for rest for his laminitis, but I’m hoping that once the joint is injected and now he has the special shoes on he can start to get a little bit of exercise.

I took Neon to a RC polework and gymnastic jumping clinic today. We were in the first group, at  9:30 am, which meant getting up at 6 am, when it was still -7 degrees to get the mucking out etc done and leaving at 8 am. The trailer was frozen. Top doors didn’t want to open, wheel clamp was stuck on the tyre…

Neon jumped well but was a bit tense. Whether because it was indoors and a new place, because there was a mare in our group, (he kept trying to introduce himself ,) or whether it was too early and cold, I don’t know, it just came out as grinding his teeth and holding himself a little rigidly.

We did a grid consisting of 3 trotting poles, 2 cross poles on a bounce, then 2 uprights on one stride each. Plus a separate 1 stride double with a pole on the floor between the jumps and a couple of separate uprights on angles. After we’d done some gridwork, they all got put together to make a course. We jumped it at 60cm as one lady didn’t want to go higher. Then the mare and Neon did it again with most of it up at 80cm and a decent spread on the second part of the double. 80cm looks much bigger in a small indoor than it does outside! Funny the last spread looked as big as the 1m jump we did last weekend! There was a canter pole on the floor in the middle of the double, which I found very distracting to the point of making Neon look down at it 🙄 although he still jumped beautifully. 💞 The trainer said Neon was a bit lazy, although he did praise him for being honest, so alas he wasn’t Teacher’s Pet today as he normally is. I’d rather have him than the speedy, flying mare, or the little pretty skewbald that carried his head very high above the bit and was very green though. They were all lovely, but I’ll stick to my steady Spaniard thanks!


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